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Some more sneaks from “TOTEM”, premiering April 22 on adult swim at 4am.


"いま「吉祥寺 ロボット」でツイート検索すると、パトレイバーを知らない人たちの「なんか変な巨大ロボットきてる」「警察のロボットいる」とかの雑な感想が見れて最高"

- Twitter / ma2moto_pehlwan (via igi)


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Hajime Ueda’s (ウエダ ハジメ) Bakemonogatari character designs as seen in the ending animation and promotional art works, in the Bakemonogatari Production Note -characters- (Amazon JP | US).




Cherry Blossoms at Nakameguro, Tokyo - 目黒川の桜




久保ミツロウ (kubo_3260)さんはTwitterを使っています



                          ARTWORK BY わみず

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Home-Made Tron:Legacy Light Cycle Arcade Game

Independent developer The Arcade Man has built from scratch a Tron:Legacy Light Cycle and first-person driving game to play with an Oculus Rift - video embedded below:

The evolution of tecnology allowed us to have amazing experiences. How many of us dreamed of being inside a game, this is a fantasy in the mind of all the nerdiest geeks.

Thanks to an amazing little device that allows us to be “inside a game” and the project I’ve developed in the last month, I think I can say that we are in a very good way to materialize a great part of Kevin Flynn’s dream…

I present you the RiftCycles Project.

This is a stunning and unique arcade prototype that combines the Oculus Rift with a Light Cycles simulator  that I built from scratch.

The game was developed (using Unity) by the portuguese startup Overflow Interactive and it’s a game based on the Light Cycle Battle from the Tron universe and fully compatible with the Oculus Rift.

You can find out more (including building documentation) here